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Injured Girl Rescue
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Yup. Crashtastic.
This is like a "Worst Of" edition, where they took a sampling of the worst aspects of their older puzzles (non-unique puzzle solutions, monotonous puzzle piece sliding, unnecessarily close colors, stealth hitboxes...) and rolled them into one puzzle.

Well, congratulations. I hate it.
OK Google, how do I revoke someone else's protractor license?
151515 - It turns out there was nothing stopping me from starting with the 5 letters puzzle and finishing in less than a minute. 😂
Hmm... maybe I've been opening barrels wrong all this time. 🤔
Shuffling dots around is not a puzzle; it's an exercise in clicking. Stop it.
After that color path puzzle, I've decided to give my overworked mouse buttons the afternoon off.
Hitting a battery with a hammer is a horrible idea.
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