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A couple of their newer games (this one and the deer one) are HTML5 Canvas games instead of Flash. Current versions of modern browsers support HTML5 natively. The only significant difference I'm noticing is that the loading is taking a good while to accumulate the assets and there's no comforting progress bar like in their Flash games.
Am I missing something that says the colored line puzzle has to be solved a specific way? I solved the puzzle (https://i.imgur.com/Vhc64sd.jpg), but still had to go to the walkthrough for "the" solution. :(
When the mind-transfer technique by accident is outlawed, only outlaws will use the mind-transfer technique by accident. 🤔
Grunka Lunka dunkity dread,
You shouldn't ask about the stray head. O_O
Oh, expletive.
That's not a 6; that's a b. *flips table*
The triangles disappeared. One cause of disappearance is radioactive decay. The rate of radioactive decay is measured by half life. Triangles have 3 sides.

Half life... 3...

Half Life 3 confirmed.
Is sticking red-hot steel rods in random ground holes a thing somewhere? I mean, 'cause where I come from, it isn't. 😂
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