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Injured Girl Rescue
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If you miss grabbing the square button from the piggy bank before you enter the 4-digit number, you're gonna have a bad time.
It is we who let the dogs out, Baha Men.
(The Piña Colada Song)
Goodbye reindeer, hello Tesla Cybersleigh.
I wish my local hardware store sold locking shrubs.
That envelope item should have more context. Most of the world doesn't use that old "Backwards L" key shape anymore and would consequently be unlikely to associate it with a keyboard. #TeamANSI
Who hammers a wall switch?
Knowing whether a soccer team is national or association: that's up to the player.
Knowing that 3 doesn't equal 5: you have to wait until you find the math book item.
What are the ruuuuules?
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