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Had to watch to watch the walkthrough......this is one of the last scene boat frog, goat, and wolf picture is tricky. Pick the frog up first click boat to go to the other shore then pick up the goat until you have all of them at the other shore.....then it will give you the puzzle piece......also the walkthrough will give you the correct pieces to select for the tweezers, brush, rake...still don't know what the other item is but it certainly does not match but it does work.
Having the same problem as shortie983 on the Escape Supreme Baton Game....the clue for the tweezers, brush, rake etc in the last scene don't match for what options are available in the first scene either.......what are you the in collusion with the mouse producers to make sure that your game players have to buy a new one every couple of months.....a lot of games not just here are notorious for this. I also like this game, but I click on the picture and some objects and there's no way to go back to game as there is no close button. Yeah the picture in the very last scene with the guy in the boat with the fox and the goat; when you click on the goat the close button vanishes……restarted game to see if it was a fluke and the same thing happened….it appears also some of the game pieces are missing also.
OMG I figured out the Clue Word.........it's the symbol on the lower portion of the wall........this game developer is a very quirky person with a strange since of humour about him/her.
The color code for the code word letters is a little out of synch with object using the colored spikes. Otherwise is better than the past 2 games. When will they fix Ravenous Horse? Does anyone know?
player99 I already sent a trouble report to them about this game obviously from the same developer as yesterday's Halloween game.....same signature style of graphics and effects. Games2Jolly has always been on top of their game but this 2nd day in a row stuff means that they are losing their standing.....wonder what tomorrow will bring. They still haven't fixed Ravenous Horse yet.
The game is now fixed!
player99 you're not the only one having this problem. The game programmer did not check game for bugs before uploading it to the site. They left a "few" things out didn't they? LOL
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